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Mobile Lymphatic Drainage For Post Op-Patients

Post Surgical Massage. Mobile & In-studio Lymphatic Drainage Therapists. Specializing in Post op BBL, Lipo, Tummy Tuck Patients

Your Local Mobile Lymphatic Drainage Experts! Now serving all of Broward & Miami-Dade County

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Kassandra, Joel

"I was 2 days post- op I had a BBL and Lipo and I was In so much pain and I was very swollen. I needed a emergency lymphatic massage on a Sunday night. I called every therapist on google nobody answered. when I finally found OUM Massage. The receptionist went above and beyond to squeeze me in. My therapist was Paola and she was amazing. I felt so much better after the massage I was even able to move my arms up. I was able to see the difference on my lower abdomen. I recommend  Our lymphatic HANDS DOWN!"

Alejandra, Nunez

I am 5 days post op and I so much pain from my tummy tuck and Lipo  surgery. I had a bad experience with a prior therapist who took my money and left me with bad service and no results. By the grace of God I found Scarlet and her team. They they did my last 3 sessions and I saw results immediately. They are informative and they coach you through the painful moments. It was worth the cost and I will recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Our Massage Therapists Provide Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques to Remove fluid, prevent fibrosis
and relieve discomfort.

We also include complimentary Ultrasound, Cavitation and Aroma Therapy.

Schedule Your 45-65 Minute Smooth Low Pressure Massage today!

Why You Need Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

  • Reduce long term scarring

  • Increases skin flexibility

  • Speeds up your tissue reconstruction process

  • Enhances Blood Circulation.

  • Improves lymph flow, which decrease swelling and edema

  • Eliminates toxins from the body including anesthesia and cellular debris.

  • Promotes the healing of incisions after Lipo, BBL or Tummy Tuck

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you drain the fluid?

Our Mobile Therapists apply a slow massage with low pressure to help drain fluid from body towards the lymph nodes. This reduces swelling from fluid build up.

How Long is each session?

Every session is approximately 45- 60 min.

Take their words for it!

The OUM team is great George’s is great at communicating appointments, scheduling and Julie has been a wonderful massage therapist. Julie makes you feel so comfortable and her knowledge and flow is perfect for post surgery recovery. My results are 100% better because of my massages. Post massage you can always see the difference. I highly recommend OUM for all post surgery lymphatic drainage.

Schedule Your 45-65 Minute Smooth Low Pressure Massage today!